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Leon Vance is played by Rocky Carroll

Full Name: Leon James Vance

Occupation/Title: NCIS Director

Personality type: An intelligent, highly trained agent; tough, decisive and tech-savvy. A law & order, by the book kind of guy. A personality that can't be ignored

Signature look: Well dressed. Looks serious. Always wears a suit and chews on a toothpick in moments of severe stress.

Character Traits: He is ambitious and likes power. He has a quick sharp mind and is a match for Gibbs. He knows how to play the game and how to manipulate people to do his bidding. His knowledge of computers rivals McGee's. He is a boxing fan and Muhammed Ali in particular.

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Director Leon Vance - NCIS


Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio (moved to Chicago, Illinois as a young man)

Family: Wife Jackie, son Jared and daughter Kayla.

Friends: Eli David (Ziva's father)

Enemies: Alejandro Rivera

Birthdate: July 9, 1963


Season 5:
  • Leon, was an Assistant Director of NCIS stationed in San Diego, when the FBI is investigating the Director and Tony. It seems that Gibbs and he go back 10 years.
  • He is a responder to the fire fight at the diner where the Director is killed. After the team returns to DC, he becomes more controlling and harsh towards the team. He is named the new Director of NCIS, shreds a page from his personal file, and disbands the team. He seems to have a loyalty issues.
Season 6:

  • Director Vance reveals the reason why he split up the team in order to find a traitor in NCIS. It is one of Gibbs' new team.
  • Leon has a family. His wife's is named Jacqui and two kids.
  • Hates having the CIA in the building.
  • Says that all agents should be like McGee because he is a computer genius.
Season 7:

  • Vance and Gibbs are starting to be closer than in the previous season.
  • Vance gets Ziva to tell about what happened on the Damocles and approves her application to be NCIS agent.
  • Lee Wan Kai, an Assassin from his past, confronts Vance at his house to finish the job that he didn't finish in Belgrade.
  • Sends DiNozzo to Mexico to observe and report Rivera's activities.
Season 8:
  • Was the target of a murder attempt by former NCIS agent Riley McCallister
  • Discovers he was taken into NCIS purely to be killed in an attempt by McCallister to refocus attention on Russia. The personnel page he shredded back in Season 5 contained false information planted long ago by McCallister.


  • The character "Leon Vance" is named for NCIS technical advisor and former NCIS agent "Leon Carroll Jr".
  • The toothpick that Leon Vance constantly chews on is a tribute to Leon Carroll, who is never seen without one!
  • Is considered by Abby to have what she calls "techie mojo".
  • Toothpick chewing is a common trait amongst ex-smokers.He is the SECNAV of the team.


  • 5.14 - Internal Affairs
    • Vance (to Gibbs): "You think you can protect them forever, Gibbs? You're mistaken."
  • 5.15 - In the Zone
    • "David... Sending an Israeli to Baghdad, I don't think so!"
  • 5.17 - About Face
    • Vance: "So you saw a man with a gun and decided to chase after him?"
      Palmer: "No! I chased after him, *then* I saw the gun!"
      Vance: "Can't tell if you're dumb or brave."
  • 5.18 - Judgement Day
    • "There's already been one casualty. There will be more."
    • "Officer David, the liaison position with NCIS is being terminated. You're going home. McGee, I'm moving you across to the Cybercrimes unit, you'll be working with Officer Hollsworth starting tomorrow. DiNozzo. You've been reassigned. Agent afloat USS Ronald Reagan, pack your bags, you fly out tomorrow. Agent Gibbs (picks up some folder and hands them to Gibbs) meet your new team."


  • In Season 5's finale, Judgment Day when he disbands the team.
  • The scene with Abby in the lab in Dagger.
  • Confronting Kai in his home in Endgame.
  • Killing McCallister in Enemies Domestic.
  • Jackie Vance's death in Shabbat Shalom.

Judgment Day
Judgement Day
Leon Vance aka Rocky Carroll_03

Leon Vance aka Rocky Carroll_02
Episode 5.14 Internal Affairs

Leon Vance aka Rocky Carroll_01
Vance Family (7.07 Endgame) 7.07 Endgame

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MargyW LJ Vance! 1 Sep 6 2010, 3:47 PM EDT by gottahavemyncis
Thread started: Sep 6 2010, 11:41 AM EDT  Watch
I watched season 7 ep "End Game" last night and learned something interesting. When Tim is tracing Kai's call to the director & she is parked outside Vance's home, Vance's full name comes up on the computer screen...Leon James Vance.

Vance and Gibbs have the same initials. Knowing the writers of NCIS, this is not going to be a coincidence by a long shot.

I wonder if they are trying to show us that Leon James and Leroy Jethro are, contrary to the speculation of many, very much brothers-in-arms and firmly on the same side.
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iowafan familly man 0 Jul 27 2010, 4:34 AM EDT by iowafan
Thread started: Jul 27 2010, 4:34 AM EDT  Watch
i like the fact that as the director of ncsi that he has a family. he seems more settled and tries to keep his home and work separate. he doesn't let gibbs try to run over him and i think gibbs respects that
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dannylindsaynum1fan leon vance 5 Jun 13 2010, 12:20 PM EDT by SACarter
Thread started: Oct 26 2009, 1:58 AM EDT  Watch
does anyone know what he shredded in the 2nd to last episode of season 5 cause all i know is it was something from his own file
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