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airdate: September 21, 2010 (Season Premiere)
written by: Gary Glasberg
directed by: Dennis Smith

With Paloma Reynosa still on the loose, Gibbs must take desperate measures to protect the ones he loves. (CBS Synopsis)

  • Palmer was rambling to Ducky during the autopsy. Ducky stared at him, so Palmer stopped, then Ducky began his own ramblings.

  • When chatting with McGee over the video feed, a horse kept nudging McGee. At the end of the conversation, McGee begged Gibbs to be able to come home and Gibbs replied "Nice horse McGee."

  • Jackson pulling the Winchester on Paloma Reynosa and he told her that he wasn't like his son, his son was like him.

  • Ziva telling Tony she doesn't have any tan lines.

  • Abby asking her bodyguard for his opinion on her neck collars.
  • Gibbs telling Franks it was hard to take him seriously since he kept getting body parts blown off.
  • McGee and Ziva seeing that they both looked different coming back from assignments in Canada and Florida.
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  • The unspoken rule...first Franks and Gibbs, then Gibbs and his father, "Do what you have to for family."

  • Gibbs returns to Stillwater to help Jackson rebuild and fix up the store after the gunfight.

  • Vance hid the report of Gibbs killing Pedro Reynosa 20 years ago. He buried it in an evidence box in the store room.

  • Jackson holds his ground when he pulls the Winchester on Paloma.


  • Excellent reference, by Ducky, to Winston Churchill's, "This was their finest hour" speech.
  • The West Virginia state trooper's uniform looked suspiciously like a Maryland State Trooper's uniform. W Va's uniform is solid forest green.


  • Discuss the season 8 premiere here!
  • Who is 'him' and why do Vance and Eli David want to find him so badly?
  • What 'situation' does Tony's father need help with.
  • Where will Franks live since his place was burned down?
  • Will we see Leyla and Amira again?

  • 8.02 Worst Nightmare: A young girl's kidnapping turns into much more when her grandfather complicates the investigation.


  • Jacqueline Obradors (Paloma Reynosa)
  • Marco Sánchez (Alejandro Rivera)
  • Andrew Thacher (West Virginia State Trooper Sergeant Paul Westgard)
  • Burton Pérez (Esteban López)


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8.01 Spider and the Fly
Gibbs, Jimmy, Tony and Ducky
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Jackson Gibbs
8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Gibbs, Vance and Alejandro Rivera
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Director Vance
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Gibbs + Alejandro Rivera
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Tony, Gibbs, Palmer
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Franks and Gibbs
8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Phoof #1
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Phoof #2
8.01 Spider and the Fly
Phoof #3

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#1hotchfan Discuss season 8 premiere Spider and the Fly here! (page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... last page) 461 Apr 23 2015, 6:25 AM EDT by bellswebster
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Finally, the moment we've been waiting since May for...the season 8 premiere! Come chat about this episode with other NCIS fans here!
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Lyndissa Who did Ziva connect with in Miami? (page: 1 2) 22 Jan 5 2011, 4:38 AM EST by DN1097
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There were many small hints suggested in "The spider and the fly", pointing to future arcs to come in this season. Who is him? Why did Vance need Eli David's help to find him? He is Director of a Federal Agency. What is Vance's background? What's happening with Tony's dad? But one small hint I found interesting was, who did Ziva connect with in Miami? Is it just a friendship, that might turn into something more? Is her father, Eli David setting her up again? It it the mysterious HIM? What are your theories?
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trunksy I Found Him (S8E1 Spoiler) 19 Oct 4 2010, 9:02 PM EDT by weatherlywatcher49
Thread started: Sep 21 2010, 5:45 PM EDT  Watch
At the end of Season 8 Episode 1 - Spider and the Fly, director Vance gets a text message after filing away Abby's report in archival storage from Eli David that says, "I Found Him." Who is "him" referring to and how does it relate to the rest of the story as far as the ending of the episode?
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